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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Yep. I skipped a day. I'm sorry, I wrote the entry on John's Mac but we didn't have internet and I just need to email it to myself. But you'll know all about yesterday soon enough.

Today was our official impro workshop day.

The girls woke up early and went shopping at the Sunshine City Mall which is underneath our hotel. We have lists of things we want to buy before we leave, it's so overwhelming how much there is. I want to buy gifts for people and I want them to be nice but to also be Japanese. Not just.. things I bought here you can buy anywhere else. I also think it would be nice to go home with a short skirt and high boots the way the Asian girls wear here. I went to a shop today where everything is $29.00. I can afford to dress well here!

Ok, never mind. I need to skip more writing because John, Steph, Casey and I are about to go watch Dreams. John is going to give me another Romi speech if I don't. Romi believed that if you have the opportunity to make a sincere connection with another person you should give up food and sleep, and anything else that would stand in the way.

Like.. blogging. I'll fill it all in tomorrow.

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bohopenguin said...

Heyyyy can you bring me back a Bacon Potato Pie from the Japanese McDonald's? Man, Japan has EVERYTHING.