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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday: the After Party

After the show we followed our new friend Li, whom we found out works during the day doing voice over work for the Japanese subtitling of Colombo, to a restaurant to await the others. Another new friend (I am going to butcher spelling in this post and I apologize in advance), Buchu, came along too. He told me my Japanese is very good, and he built my vocabulary by about ten new words by the time we arrived at the destination. Bucho is his nickname and it means "The Chief." The restaurant was very traditional, we all took off our shoes when we entered. And we entered a private room covered with straw mats with sliding Japanese doors. There were two tables for us all, and they were set into the floor, deeply with space around them and we sat on cushions. Most people sat cross legged or on their knees but I noticed it was also acceptable to stretch ones legs by sitting with them below the table.

Ken, Tscsu, Di, Naomi, Bell, Kazu, Jung, and Kio joined us soon. We had an amazing night. I will write more tomorrow AM, but I encourage you to go to my Picasa page and look at photos.

But lastly, for Liz I will at least record this early- on exchange:

Li: Your name?
Steph: Steph
Bucho: Steph? Stephanie?
Li: Ah! Stephanie!
Bucho: Stephanie Stephanie!
Li: An.. American drama? On TV. Foool Hawse?

They could not handle it when Steph then pointed to me and said, "Her name is Michelle!" We're talking screaming joy and laughter. Steph then pointed to Dave and said "Uncle Jesse," Casey introduced herself as D.J and Li barely stopped laughing to point at Bucho and gasp : "You can be Comet!"

And that, my friends, is when the individual plates full of sardines with heads and tails still attached arrived in front of each of us.

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