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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Three Things

1. Boston Healthcare for the Homeless was featured yesterday on The Daily Grommet. The video interview with Cheryl Kane, RN will be featured for four more hours as their front page but is still available to view in the archives after that.

2. Three Hole Punch would like to issue a very warm welcome to our new director, Scott Braidman. Scott has been working with the ladies of 3HP for years now in various capacities, beginning with a five year presence in Mission:IMPROVable at UMass Amherst as a performer and producer. He graduated UMass with a degree in theater, and now performs regularly at Improv Boston in the Family Show. He has performed with Improv Asylum's NXT cast, recently directed What Does America Mean to Me by Boston's own Marc Hirsch at Improv Boston in 2008, and is currently featured in Improv Boston's 8th Annual Holiday Show.
Scott is joining us just in time for 3HP's upcoming debut of our first full length show: Flirty Laundry, which will run Wednesday nights during the Hump Night at Improv Boston. And we're all very excited about it.

3. I lied. There were only two things.

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