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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Improv Update

Three Hole Punch got some great publicity in blogs this week. Our show was mentioned in Transient Travels, as part of Susan Forshner's own take on the feature "25 things to do in Boston for Under $25." In addition to that, we managed to warm the impossibly icy myocardium of a certain "professor," and in doing so elicited a positive review here in his blog, Periscope Depth.

Come check us out this upcoming Wednesday for all new sketches, all new improv and all new secret telling!
Last night I went to my alma mater, Boston Latin School to see the Yellow Submarines Improv Troupe perform. I was invited by a former camper from Thacher. I was her first improv teacher when she was no older than nine, and I had her in my summer classes until she was 12. Because of the casual nature of summer camp, she essentially became like a younger sister.
In high school, I was in the Yellow Submarines (briefly). The group was formed during my at freshman year at BLS by two of my peers, Josh Michel (of Mosaic) and Jack Ferris. Josh's youngest brother, Jesse was in the show tonight. As was Paul, the younger brother of Joe Gels of Boston's own Improv Jones. It was a great show overall. The players were very enthusiastic even through rough spots. The best part was that seeing how Josh and Jack's creation lives on. And also seeing Cam, Jesse and Paul in a new and upcoming generation of improvisers. What a seriously cool thing to witness, the next generation of comedy.
Oh, and if this wasn't enough generational name dropping for you, the new head of drama over at BLS is none other than Sean Sullivan of Friday Night Face Off and BNN, so I ran into him over there too.
It blows my mind to think that I never would have auditioned for Mission:IMPROVable in college if I hadn't been in the Yellow Submarines in high school. Josh is the one who dragged me there. I wasn't passionate about comedy until after I got into Mission. And Mission changed my life. I would be a completely different person now. I wouldn't be here.

Speaking of "here" - I had my second to last show with Friday Night Face Off last night. It was solid. Shan, Steph and myself went up against Dana, Michelle and Sean. Serpico played the ball, and Bobby MC'd. I had fun every minute, the audience seemed to as well, and it was a great house. It's hard to imagine that in two more weeks I won't be doing this anymore. In fact, I can't imagine it. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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