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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've got nothing.

Here is a photo of some weird girls dressed like bugs (circa 2004).

That was my real hair. We were in Shannon's room. Steph was a "love bug." Amy is still not single. Sorry, guys.
Liz C. is not in this photo because she was at a Frat house waiting for us to show up and perform an improvised choreographed dance number in her boyfriend's basement. Seriously.

Come see our show! We will not be dressed like bugs but we WILL be giving out hugs.


lauraclarksayshi said...

Dear Michelle,

You need to include the "http" in your link or it won't work.



PS. You have exhausted my supply of goodwill.

Misch said...

Thanks, Laura!

PS. you can leave your boots in my hallway all you want.