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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Storage Unit #198

Here are some things I found when Pim called from Florida and gave me the combination to "our" storage unit.

1. My spare car keys.
2. The bubble machine
3. The NCLEX prep material stuff I was trying to lend to Blake months ago but couldn't find in my basement. (It's ok, he passed the test anyway).
4. A box labeled "other people's stuff," that contained (among other things) a binder of music for a show I never did, Danny's mom's copy of "Life of Pi," Danny's copy of "Choke," which I borrowed around the same time, a deck of cards and some comic books. (Maybe Steve's?)


My upstairs neighbor threatened, in printed word, to take our boots if he found them in the foyer again. And to not return them. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this grown man is threatening to steal my boots and hide them in his apartment.
If it weren't in all caps and bold I would have thought he was flirting with us.
I was going to hang the letter up with his other one from last summer but Laura says it makes her too mad. And I want Laura to be able to use the bathroom. Which is where we hang letters.
I'm over it. He has a lot of anxiety about the front hallway. I don't. So he wins just by caring more. It's way easier this way.

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