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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three Hole Punch reminds you that we love you even if you don't come to our last Hump Night show.

Three Hole Punch is performing our final Hump Night show tomorrow night at Improv Boston! We'll be bringing back our favorite sketches from this month's run as well as revealing the final chapter of Hallo, Germany! If we're feeling share-y, we'll read real life diary entries to you, and as always, we promise to improvise the crap out of your suggestions.
Show starts at 8pm and will be followed by a very special final performance of Eight to the Table.

2006, Chicago, Il. (left to right) Carly Mandell, Natalie Baseman, Amy "Butts" Koske, Susan Messing, me, Liz Caradonna, Steph Jones and Calla Cofield.
Everyone here besides Susan Messing was involved in Three Hole Punch at the time. Susan Messing was just teaching us how to be ballsier. "Horny!" she yelled. "Horny horny!" we responded obediently. And so it was.

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The full text of that Messing quote is here: