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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things that Go Dreamy

Ok, first: Three Hole Punch has been accepted into the Chicago Improv Festival which is huge and exciting news! Had to let you all know.
The past few days have been rough around the edges, clawing at the binding on my day planner trying to escape. I've had far busier weeks, but I feel knocked for a loop anyway. I imagine it was mostly the -- falling action surrounding the show at Thacher ending. (I almost just called it the postictal state which might have been more appropriate, the show then becoming something like an artistic seizure I had one night in this metaphor).

The stuff of dreams.
I've been dreaming very vividly. I had a sequel to a dream I had a month ago about President Obama. But more often I dream of people I know, waking up feeling as though I just spent the last few hours in their company. Feeling like they just left my apartment. I chalk it up to sleeping hard after a month of not sleeping at all.

Last night I had the night off completely and so after an eight hour shift and then dinner I put Left and Leaving up on iTunes, lit a stick of incense and crawled into bed with Motherless Brooklyn. By 6pm I was asleep. I had set an alarm against this so that I could still have a productive night.

Here is the key to taking naps in the evening (for me). I absolutely can't go to bed in the light and wake in the dark. It disorients me too much. It has induced actual panic attacks at the worst, and at the very least leaves me feeling foggy and generally useless.
The way I learned to combat this is to sleep with the lights on. It works every single time.

In this case, it hardly mattered because I slept through the alarm. I woke up at 10pm, completely oriented and decided to "nap," more. At 1am I called it an actual night, shut off the light and set my alarm for 5am.

Thus began a strange and unwieldy dream in which I was in various settings, but in each setting the time was between 2am and 4am and I was awake because I had gone to bed too early. I wandered around college campuses and my childhood home interacting with other insomniacs, including one where I just chatted with my Dad as he folded laundry.

At 6:30am the sun woke me up and I realized, to my dismay that despite twelve hours of good sleep I had missed my alarm and would have to take a cab to get to work on time.

I didn't touch a drop of caffeine today. And still going strong.

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