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Friday, March 6, 2009

Boundaries Committee Heads North

Early yesterday morning I left Boston with Caroline and Colleen for a work related retreat at our DON's house in Vermont. As I slid into the back of Colleen's car Caroline passed me a mug, a bottle of milk and a pot of coffee. I smiled and helped myself, "Now that's friendship."

We worked most of the day on our goal: to write the script for the Medical Professional Boundaries video we're creating for BHCHP. Later this spring I'll assemble a film crew and direct the actual  production. It was my first time running a writing workshop of this kind and I incorporated some improv games to get creativity flowing. It went better than I could have imagined and we finished the script and more. In between writing sessions Debbie's mom fawned over us and fed us delicious meals, and we bonded over shared nursing experiences. When nighttime came we stayed up late all together in the living room, not having run out of things to say. 

It was a much needed respite from every day life in addition to being a very productive work session. 

I got called in to sub for the 8p and 10p shows tonight so we skipped antique shopping on the way home. Time passed quickly as I was more and more impressed by Colleen's ipod. Our musical tastes are similarly eclectic and we sang everything from Les Mis to Paul Simon to Outkast for at least two hours out of the three. It's great when you can actually be friends with the people you spend most of your time with. 

There's so much encouragement at BHCHP for staff to take initiative for seeking  better practice all the time. This project is a grassroots movement, nursing driven, which will hopefully help staff in all areas of the program. Bonding with others over our common goal is what makes this job so spectacular. And it's what keeps us doing what we're doing.

A very reaffirming experience all around.

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