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Monday, March 2, 2009

what I do about this weather? what I do what I do.

I did some spring cleaning over the weekend, I guess a bit preemptively because now it's snowing.
I don't know what I was thinking, but I had some honest to goodness visions of putting away the rock salt.

Friday night I had the night off from performing so I had dinner with some friends from work at Summer Shack. I had the mussels and a side order of griddled brown bread. I was not disappointed. Then we went next door to Kings where Emily, the N.P I work the most with, was having a birthday party. Everyone else from work had apparently gone home and it was mostly Emily's other friends, but we stayed for a drink and to watch people bowl a bit before it got too late.

Saturday was my day of cleaning. I woke up in a frenzy and without any planning just pulled apart two closets and my dresser. I finished just in time to pick up Kaminga for church.
After church it was a quick change and I caught the train to Haymarket.
I was in the 8p, the 10p and then decided to do the midnight show was well. A Saturday night is a lot different than any other night of the week down there, but I felt pretty good at the end of it all. Kiley confirmed my satisfaction by telling everyone that I really held my own. I had never experienced this, but apparently every Saturday night the midnight show ends with a dance party with the audience. Then, as the audience leaves it just becomes an all night dance party (literally) for the cast, staff and invited guests. I stayed out all night dancing and had more fun than I've had at most dance clubs this year. Fewer creeps.

Sunday I woke up mid morning and was absolutely dismayed by the weather. Nevertheless, I kept my plans to meet Aimie and my 15 month old godson, Matrim at Applebee's in Auborn. Aimie and I dined on Applebee's finest entrees and caught up on life as Mat threw grilled cheese all over the floor* and laughed.

"Oh my gosh," one woman commented, "listen to him!" Matrim has a very unique laugh. So much so that no one was bothered by his sandwich throwing. Staff and strangers alike were delighted. I can't explain the laugh. I have almost only seen him laugh that hard when he's throwing things. Here's a video of him doing it when he was much younger.

When I got home I napped. And I shouldn't have. I spent the rest of Sunday night in a hazy fog that dissolved too late, leaving only a mental alertness that made a reasonable bedtime impossible. Good news for sketch writing. Bad news for work in the AM.
* We cleaned up the sandwich pieces, of course.

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