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Friday, March 13, 2009

isn't it strange how things can change you?

Last night was the official opening night of Pretty in Pink Slips. After the show there was a party; toasts were made and the entire cast got gift bags. I caught Scott's eye as Norm singled out me and Steph as the newest members of the group and everyone toasted. I met both Scott and Steph at the same time and place: at Earthfoods at Umass Amherst. It was the night of auditions for Mission:IMPROVable, 2002. And now we're here. The whole thing makes my head spin. Everything was so different in my life even just one year ago. And yet some things haven't changed in all of seven years. I gave Scott a ride home after the festivities:

"I'm not really sure how to get back to Brookline. Aaaannnd... I'm out of gas."
"It's like we're back in college", he observed, "we're having adventures!"

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