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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Resignation in the Key C

Today I officially left my current job at Thacher*. As it turns out I can not sustain a model of working for thirteen to fourteen day stretches and work at Improv Asylum at night. It was hard enough before, but my increasingly demanding rehearsal and show schedule tipped my balance.

Because of how much I love teaching in general, and those kids and that school community in particular, I have arranged a new role for myself at Thacher. I will be going in for a month at a time on a volunteer basis and teaching after school improv and acting classes one or two days a week. Much more manageable.

The second half of the job, however, I have left off entirely. The school nurse position is just out of the question for me right now.

So if any RN out there is interested in a school nurse position, let me know. It's a great school, and I've already organized the office for you! **

* To a rousing chorus of "I told you so" from Robert Woo and sympathetic head nods from nicer people.
** I put all the epi-pens in one, easy-to-reach box, and hung up a poster up of "101 Things to Do Instead of Drugs." The sex ed stuff is under the computer desk. We have 22 ice packs.


liz said...

I want the sex ed stuff please.

MischMash said...

Liz, I can answer any questions you have...
Why don't you just post them here, anonymously?