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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stories from Costa Rica: Jack's house

I couldn't see the second lizard. I think I was looking at the first one, and Mom said she saw it too, but I  was beginning to think there was no second lizard.

"It's RIGHT there," David insisted. 

We were standing on a small foot bridge at the base of a set of steps that led back up to the yard shared by Jack, David  and several other people. All around us giant green plants screened the sunshine but I could still feel it on my shoulders. I had seen the parade of ants carrying leaves, but for the life of me couldn't see the basilisk David was pointing to.

Suddenly it jumped off the rock and ran down the small ravine, it's feet stepping lightly on the surface of the water. Mom and I laughed with delight and David just shook his head. After all, this is where he lives.

After exploring a bit more, I climbed back up into direct sunlight.  The smell of flowers greeted me with a small breeze. David swam around the pool, occasionally doing a flip off the edge. Jack was arranging breakfast on the table, a plethora of fruits we had purchased from "the melon man," on our way over this morning.  Jack and Mom stared at me as I tried to cut up a mango and finally Jack burst out laughing. "Give me that," he demanded.
He skillfully served up the rest of my battered fruit. 

"This is why I live here," Jack said, gesturing at everything we could see. Mango ran off my fingers, and another breeze moved the big white canopy just slightly. I've rarely seen my mother so relaxed.  I began to wonder about the nursing job market. 

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