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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The eyes have it...

... an ulcer that is.

The doctor I saw at the Emergency Ward of the Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary on Sunday afternoon says that the ulcer formed over a short period of time, maybe less than three days.

The mild pain and redness Saturday plagued me all during the 7p and 9p at Improv Asylum.
As the irritation persisted into the all night Mission reunion party at Shannon's house I poured Visine on it and ignored it*. In the morning, when the redness still stared back at me in the mirror, I wondered with clinical detachment if I could have a bacterial infection.

When I stepped into the sunlight and was reduced immediately to tears by stabbing pain in the back of my eye - I had no idea what to think.

The ulcer is small, but at the front of my eye. The stabbing pain was related to my iris having small spasms. Secondary to the ulcer I have an inflammation of the iris. To treat the spasms and pain the ER doc used scopolamine, and as a result my eye is no longer sea sick or addicted to heroin.** Also, my pupil is dilated. Light no longer causes agonizing pain in my eye but I've developed an aversion to light a vampire would envy.
Driving the other day at sunset was like driving in a blizzard while a small child played peek a boo with my eyelids.

I've taken to wearing my sunglasses at work under the fluorescent lights. I think it makes me a cooler nurse anyway. Like maybe I'm just as likely to drop some beats as I am likely to irrigate your ulcer. Maybe.

* Don't do this.
** Pharmacology jokes!

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