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Friday, June 19, 2009

Pura Vida

In the morning, in a few hours really I am leaving for Costa Rica (again!). I will be back next week some time, so in the meantime updating will be... well, it will be just as spotty as it has been.
Honestly, the whole eye ulcer thing threw me for a loop this week.
This is why I will never be a published writer.
That being said, you are not getting a review of Nurse Jackie right now, but I can sum the whole thing up by saying that I'm hooked.
In other news, Three Hole Punch got accepted to the 2009 Del Close Marathon. Our set will feature all four of us despite the taller half of the group picking up and moving to Chicago this summer.
In other, other news my ulcer is healed and today I got cleared for contact lenses. Walking out of Mass General this morning you would have thought I had never seen anything before. It reminded me of the first time I got glasses and driving home with my father I exclaimed "look at all the trees! They have so many little leaves!"
Dad said, "You couldn't see that before?"
And I told him "not for a while now," but didn't take my eyes off of those trees because the tiny little leaves were so wonderful.

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