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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fighting words

Audience member outside of The Perishable Theater in Providence:
... so is this all you do?

Me, laughing :
no... I work during the day as a nurse... with Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.

Audience member:
oh... so you clean them up so they can go out and drink all over again?

no, no... well, sometimes. but we see a lot of chronic illnesses... cancer, diabetes. We help manage acute situations like broken limbs, wounds...

Audience member who knows no boundaries:
yeah, but... then they just go get messed up again, right?

that's not really what it's about.

NECN ran a spot on what it's really about. Enjoy:


Anonymous said...

You might have pointed out to the audience member that using his logic, *all* nurses and doctors are treating patients who are only going to go out and get sick again.

MischMash said...

Good point.

The conversation was actually a lot longer, I just shared the general theme of it. I was able to go into a lot more detail with him, although in the end one of my friends approached us and dragged me away.

I wondered afterwards if maybe he had a family member or close friend with a substance abuse problem/history of homelessness since he felt so passionately negative about it.