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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Productivity in the Medical Workplace

Yesterday felt like treading water. It seemed like no matter how much work I put into my 13 patients, I was just  sustaining status quo. It didn't help that I had just met most of them that morning.

At the end of her day the NP of the team came in, bag in hand and stood beside me in the nurse's station. She sighed."Well, that was a day", she said, "I feel like we did nothing."

Exhausted, and with a few more hours left in my own day, I tried to smile.
 "No way. We got a lot out of the way today..."

We stared at each other.

I tried to start a list: "We figured out all of Mr. C's medications."
She added, "and we found his infection." 
I warmed up, "we sure did, and we got him antibiotics right away."
She thought out loud, "He'll still need to follow up with the surgeon.."
"So? And we adjusted all of Mr. H's insulin..." 
"He'll need a lot more adjusting I'm afraid..."
"I'm losing you!"
"Ok ok! Only positives... we have a discharge plan for Ms. C!"
"Yes! Ok. The point is, today we worked to get everything to its baseline... tomorrow we can kick it up a notch."

And today we did.

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