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Sunday, August 2, 2009

in the sleepy west of the dirty east,,,

I had a few days off of work thanks to the miracle of scheduling so I decided I'd drive west.
After the first hour of driving I could smell the air change.

After an hour and a half I was just grinning while I drove.

Last night I took a long walk in a peaceful cemetery, ate an amazing home cooked chicken dinner, then enjoyed debates about everything from comic books to religion with friends over wine.

Today after a remarkably on point sermon by father McDougall at a 10:30am Newman Center service I made my way to the Black Sheep. Long gone are the days where Nick would make me a coffee when I would come in after an overnight shift, but Mark made me a sandwich and I sat and took in a folk quartet.

Back at the bungalow-style house she lives in, Amy and I had "zombie practice." We practiced throwing a knife and a hatchet into a pile of tree stumps for a good half hour.

It finally feels like summer.

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