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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving Day

Today is Moving Day. As I type this it is about 1 in the morning and I am scrambling to scrub out my kitchen. I was the first one to move into the apartment two years ago because Laura was still in Chicago and Johnny was at Burning Man. It was two years ago today that I moved all my stuff into the living room and then camped out for a week so I could clean up much the way I'm doing tonight. Circles and cycles and all of that.

I knew I'd be too busy to actually update today so instead I prepared this list for your reading and viewing pleasure.

The Top Five Things I Will Miss the Most About Living In Jamaica Plain

5. Java Jo Coffee House. Located at the end of my street, I never have to travel any farther for a fabulous meal. They have the best iced chai tea lattes in the city. They use healthy and organic ingredients whenever they can. Their turkey avocado sandwiches are heavenly but my favorite breakfast snack is the "I Hate Egg" : cream cheese, bacon and avocado on a toasted bagel. Some days I ate all three meals there. Guys, seriously. Where am I going to eat now?

4. Forest Hills Cemetery. Located at the opposite end of my street (the dead end leads into the cemetery), this is one of my favorite places in the world. It's not just a cemetery, it's an outdoor art museum and cultural center. Once a year there is a Japanese Lantern Festival that people from all over Boston turn out for.
There is a gorgeous pond in the center, but if you explore hard enough you can also find a waterfall in the newest section of the cemetery. It's slightly hilly, perfect for roller blading around. You may remember from my birthday last year that e.e cummings is buried here. I will miss this secret escape spot.

3. Jamaica Pond and The Arboretum. I may be cheating by listing two favorites here but both Jamaica Pond and the Arboretum are amazing places to go to people watch, forget about city life and enjoy some fresh air any time of year and each one is walking distance from my place. I love sitting by the pond to see if fish will jump out (they do!) or counting turtles along the sides of the path. I love the way the Arboretum smells in the fall when all the trees are changing color, and I can't get over the view of the skyline from the top of Peter's Hill. But my favorite part of the Arboretum is probably the bonsai collection... I could sit there for hours.

2. My Apartment. I can visit Java Jo's and the cemetery. But I can't come back and hang out in my place. Sunning on the porch, sitting on the roof to read or write next to our big Japanese Maple, or having traveling friends stay in our spacious living room, this apartment has worked out really well for almost all our needs. It was an awesome find.

1. And of course, my roommates, Laura Clark and Johnny Blazes. What more can I say? They made the last two years more exciting, memorable and glittery than they otherwise would have been. And although this move has provided us with a chance to pursue new things, I will always look back on the times we shared fondly .

This is Laura. And a seal. The seal doesn't live with us so I won't miss it as much. But I'll still probably miss it a little.

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