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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Secret Garden

If you couldn't already tell by my sudden interest in writing again, and about writing things that aren't just about how sad I am to leave JP or how frustrating it is to look for an apartment...

... I found a place to live.


I am very excited. I am sorry that living with Laura in Somerville fell through but I am psyched to be in Central Square which is very much where I want to be if I can't be living in a multi level tree house bungalow in a forest near a rocky beach.*

I think the coolest thing about the place is this:

"Have you tried visualizing your perfect place yet?" Scott asked me.
We were in his car, driving around on Monday looking at places.**

"Well, sure," I answered, "I even wrote it down, 'laundry, close to the T, cheap...'"

He shook his head and looked at me as we pulled up to a stoplight.
"No," he demanded, "really see it."

After a while he started asking questions that made me laugh like "what are the walls made of?" and "what does the bathroom look like?" As if I would ever turn down a place based on the walls being wooden paneled versus exposed brick.

"Scott, what's the point. I'll never find a place with all of this. It's a fantasy."
"Yeah," he answered, "but now you know."

Later that night, as Scott headed back to his own dream apartment in Western Mass, I was standing on a porch with my new roommate Luke. Crickets were chirping and we were looking over the garden that Juan, the landlord tends to.

"You will think I'm nuts," I said, "but having a porch that overlooks someone else's beautiful garden was on my list."

Luke just laughed.

So yeah. It doesn't have laundry. It's a little over my price cap. And I've turned down other places for the same two reasons. But something about it just felt really right. So I'm going with it.
Come over soon. I'll be on the porch.

* Which would obviously be my ideal situation.
** Scott is one of my absolute closest friends and when he offered (out of the blue) to spend a day apartment hunting with me I was reminded of why.

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Anonymous said...

where in central?

jonn works right by the whole foods on river street.

congrats on finding a place, i know how much of a load that takes off. :)