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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

and the sky starts to change

This just in:

Improv Asylum will be presenting a Second City revue in Boston from late April 2010 to late May 2010.

So, for any friends, coworkers or family who aren't improv savvy/geeky, a quick background: The Second City started in 1959 in Chicago and is a comedy theater. A ton of famous people have started their careers there including Bill Murray, Gilda Radner and John Belushi. It now also has theaters in Toronto, Los Angeles, plus multiple touring companies. So... it's big.

So in 2010, from late April to late May, the owners of Improv Asylum are sponsoring a company to come to Boston to create a show that will run for about three weeks. The shows at IA will continue as normal; the Second City show is at a different theater in Boston. IA's producing it; the writers and directors are all Second City folks. They will most likely bring actors from other places, like Chicago...

... but they are also holding auditions amongst Asylum actors and alumni for (at least) two slots on the cast.

Which is very, very exciting.

The most exciting thing about it isn't that, though. It's what this could do to stir up more interest in comedy in general in the city. People who have never heard of "sketch," by that name, or whose only experience with improv may have been a bad one may undergo a conversion.
And when Second City leaves at the end of May they will look to other venues for their comedy fix. Boston is about to become an even funnier place (hopefully).

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