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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nightmare on Hanover Street

Last Sunday night I attended the opening of the new Improv Asylum NXT show, Nightmare on Hanover Street.

Disclaimer: I work at Improv Asylum.
Other disclaimer: But not on the NXT cast.

As far as shows go it continues to follow the Improv Asylum structure of improv and sketch blend, although it takes the blending further than usual. This can be seen in a couple of places in the show where improv transitions smoothly into written material, or where written material incorporates audience input seamlessly.
For example, the improvised musical that ends the first Act. It has just enough structure to be spot -on successful, while leaving plenty of room for improvised play. Like a sonnet. A big musical improvised sonnet with awesome lights and tight choreography.

I won't spoil the closer for you, but the title of their show hints at the theme at the very least, as do some of the cast portraits popping up on facebook. Think about everything you loved about Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and you still won't know exactly what you're in for.

Under Jeremy Brothers' direction and guidance the cast found new interesting ways to get and use audience input for improvised scenes. It's part of the fearless creativity that permeates the entire show, in the improv as well as the content and execution of the sketches.

You should definitely get out to see it sometime soon.
Nightmare on Hanover Street
8pm Sunday Nights
Improv Asylum

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