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Monday, December 7, 2009

No Rest Recap

After 24 hours of keeping the comedy going, Improv Asylum raised $26, 856. Then, after a few last minute donations and re-tallying, the final count came to $28,000 raised for Globe Santa. $28,000 which will go to answering the needs of "Dear Santa" letters from thousands of families this Christmas.

At 7pm when the final count was read, and a giant check was presented to Bill Connolly, everyone started to cry. So much work went into the 24 hour event, from organizing months and months beforehand, to running the show, to performing. The money goes directly towards the Christmas gifts. All of the costs of running Globe Santa are covered by the Globe Foundation. That means that every last cent that was donated is going directly to a needy child.

Guests included author Lois Lowry, local Boston rapper Milk Tyson, and mash up artist E-603, photographer Bill Brett and news anchors Lisa Hughes, and Anne Allred. Jim Wells, professional auctioneer volunteered his time hosting the three auctions throughout the event. Sharing the stage with the Mainstage and NXT actors (and Mainstage alumni) who were there all night were the IA House Teams, Suffolk's Seriously Bent and stand ups Pat Healy, Shane Mauss, Tony V, and Dan Hirshon.
Food was donated by several locations including Goody Glovers, who also hosted a VIP party before the event. Dinner, breakfast and lunch for the cast and crew were donated by local North End restaurants.

I just wanted to thank my friends who came out and donated and who stayed up with us, for a few hours or for many, many hours in order to make the magic happen. And I want to thank all our guests, and the administrative team, and front of house staff and tech and musicians and actors at Improv Asylum for all the hard work they did.

I feel really blessed to know such talented and generous people.

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