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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten Years of M I S C H

I realized that I came up with the spelling of my nickname exactly 10 years ago.
Since the decade is almost over, I've started thinking about other things like that.
What is in my life that I had ten years ago? What didn't I have? What did I lose?
What would happen if 1999 Misch met 2009 Misch?

2009: Hop in!
1999: Nice car.
2009: Was that sarcastic?
1999: No... I like it. Purple-ness.
2009: Good. Because I was going to point out that you don't have a car.
1999: Blah blah blah. Are you just going to point out the obvious material differences between us? We could also talk about my long hair or how awesome Napster is.


1999: Sorry. Thanks for picking me up. Where're we going?
2009: My place. Cambridge. Figured I'd make us some dinner.
1999: Cambridge? Really? Not New York? Not Paris?
2009: It's actually really great. Not far from work, close to Improv Boston...
1999: You perform at Improv Boston?
2009: Sometimes. A ton of my friends do. Mostly I'm on the mainstage at Improv Asylum.
1999: What!? Where we went for Josh's birthday? That's ridiculous! When... uh, do I get funny?
2009: In a couple years you'll get tired of just playing Anne Frank all the time and start to tell jokes.
1999: Cool. So... what college do I pick?
2009: UMass Amherst. By the way, when one of the instructors from your Broadway in Boston workshop says you should skip college, move with him to the city and get famous overnight... try not to get too wrapped up in the whole thing.
1999: Right. So... theater major?
2009: Nursing.
1999: Ha. You got the comedian thing down pat.
2009: Seriously. I'm a nurse.
1999: Misch, I HATE the sight of blood and I almost throw up when I even think about throw up.
2009: Mind over matter. You kind of force yourself over it and then before you know it you're covered in bone marrow but thinking about lunch time.
1999: Gross.
2009: Yep.

2009: You want the radio on?
1999: (makes a face) I brought some music.
2009: Hmm.. Op Ivy, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Phish, Blue Oyster Cult, The Goo Goo Dolls -
1999: - from before they sold out...
2009: Uh huh. Reel Big Fish, AFI, The Vandals, The Cardigans. The Cardigans?
1999: I also have this mix CD April made me for my birthday.
2009: Let's go with Pink Floyd for now.
1999: Oh crap, it's Saturday. I have to go to church in the morning. Do you.. want to come?
2009: Of course.
1999: (visibly relieved) Oh good. So that doesn't change.
2009: Some of it changes. The way you think about the same old things.
1999: Well you're clearly not in a convent so I'm probably going to sleep better at night.
2009: There's still time.
1999: Eep!

2009: Jeepers. I forgot about "eep!"
1999: What else did you forget about?
2009: I forgot how weirdly you dress. What is that? Is that a tablecloth? The safety pin in your ear is a nice touch. You're like a Janis Joplin had a baby with Sid Vicious. We should go to the Garment District while we're over here.
1999: I don't know, I should watch it. Dad and I have been fighting about my clothes.
2009: He's not really upset you know. He just doesn't want people to think you're on drugs.
1999: I know. But I'm not. I'm straight edge for life!
2009: Right. That was fun while it lasted. Anyway, towards the end of high school, into college things get much better with you and them.
1999: And now?
2009: Things are fine.
1999: What?
2009: What, "what"?
1999: You made a weird face.
2009: Oh. I didn't mean to. Never mind.

2009: You know what your New Year's plans are yet?
1999: Adam's coming over and we're hanging out with Liz and Ross and Tim.
2009: Heh. I remember that night. I still see Adam around. Good guy.
1999: Oh hey - do Liz and Ross end up married?
2009: Not... exactly. Liz... changed a bit. Go home and check out
1999: How about you? Do you... do I end up with Tim?
2009: Ha. You don't want me to spoil the rest of your year for you, do you?
1999: Kind of.
2009: You do, and it's great but no, it's not forever.
1999: Good he's gross.
2009: Please. You can lie to everyone else but you can't lie to me.

1999: I guess that's true.
2009: Exactly true.

1999: Do you remember when you had to write about where you'll be in 10 years?
I didn't know what to write so I just wrote "happy."
2009: Which was a cop out, but yeah. It's all I could think of.

1999: So, are you? I mean, with everything? Family, relationships, work... are you really happy?
2009: (silence) Yeah. I really am. In ways I never could have imagined. I'm really, really happy.

1999: Finally.

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