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Monday, January 11, 2010

..if you just smile

Tom's of Maine is one of my favorite companies because I have loved their products for years and I love their commitment to community. As many of you may already know from talking to me or browsing through Facebook, right now Tom's is getting ready to grant five different clinics a $20,000 sponsorship. And they have decided to let communities vote to determine the recipients.

You can go onto their website every day from now until March 12th and vote for up to five different clinics.

Annnd... (here's where I come in) the dental clinic of Boston Healthcare for the Homeless is one of the clinics in the running. Specifically, they are being considered for their initiative to create more support for HIV/AIDS and Diabetic patients.

BHCHP has been targeting the oral health of homeless men, women and children since 1985.
As of right now they have two locations (Pine Street and Jean Yawkey Place) where our patient population can easily access comprehensive dental services from cleanings to denture fittings.

If our dental clinic is awarded the sponsorship they'll be able to hire a new dental assistant who will be specifically working to provide fluoride treatments and oral hygiene education to patients with HIV, AIDS, and diabetes who are at risk for serious health complications otherwise.

This paradigm shift towards primary preventative healthcare would be huge in stopping very avoidable oral health issues from snowballing into major medical problems.

Please. Please. Please. Take the time to go vote for BHCHP. And maybe a couple other clinics whose ideas you like, too. And remember you can vote every day, for up to five different places.

This kind of financial support in the hands of the dedicated programs listed on the Tom's website can only lead to good things happening for quality, accessible care.

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