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Monday, January 4, 2010

Stringer Bell and the Merry Christmas Elf

The Tuesday after Christmas my boss told me the following story:

"We were all pretty sure two of the patients were involved in some drug dealing. We even got a tip that one of them had passed something to the other in the coffee room.

"So we went to the security desk, and rolled back the tapes to the right time. It was myself, the security guard, and the team nurse.
We found them both on the tape, in the same room. As we watched one of them approached the other slowly. Something was pulled out of a pocket, and just as they were about to make contact what do you think happened?"

I shook my head.

"We saw a small elf dance her way into the room, jingle bells flying... and she got right in the middle of the drug deal. "

I started to laugh, but only because my boss was laughing.

"I mean.. you didn't walk into the room. You were DANCING. In an ELF COSTUME. And the two patients turned away from each other to look at you. You had to see their faces. And we just couldn't stop laughing.
It was unbelievable. Only at McInnis."

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