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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Songs From Haiti

A quick piece of news: Hopital Sacre Coeur was featured on The Takeaway, because apparently producer Anna Sale was recently in Milot for eight days blogging about  the earthquake, the hospitals and its patients and what lies in store for the country in a series called Rehabilitation in Rural Haiti.

It's worth reading, especially the entry entitled Stumbling Through Creole and Hymns in the Earthquake Tent, because besides capturing life in Tent City perfectly, she also includes audio of one of the women who is currently a patient, singing a hymn.

It made me miss my guys in Tent 3 who sang every day.
I tried to embed the audio here and couldn't, so go check out the blog entry and listen to Marie Genese-Pompee sing.

 I think it will make your day better. It definitely helped mine.

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