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Friday, June 25, 2010

London, so far

First off, I emailed my Mom to tell her I got here alright and she never wrote back. So I wrote to my brother, who seems to be updating his status without trouble, but has also not gotten back to me.
 I know they're alright (thanks Facebook), but will someone nudge them into letting me know they've gotten my messages?


 I thought I'd get in a quick note or two about the trip so far before I set out on today's adventures.

The window of our hotel room overlooks chimneys and rooftops, and off in the distance we have a great view of Big Ben framed by the London Eye.

As I write it is 10am here, and below me the city is well into her day, double decker buses cruising here and there, and the funny little taxis darting around like bugs. The bell tower is striking, and it reminds me of  the Mary Martin version of  Peter Pan which I watched about once a week as a child. Seriously.

After two days of exploring the city together (and a night of crazy fun dancing)*, John and I decided to take this day apart.

I have a list of things to do, so I'll be heading out soon. After a day of wandering around one of the Royal Parks I plan to meet up with a staff member at Florence Nightingale House, which is something like our Barbara McInnis House. There I will tour the facilities, and hopefully sit in on The Great Escape, which is one of their most well known homeless rehabilitation programs. I'm hoping to learn a thing or two.

My day after that involves a lot of meandering near the Thames, perhaps revisiting Tate Modern (since I only saw part of it yesterday) grabbing a Crabbies in a local pub (my new favorite drink) and then meeting John at 6pm to go see The Lion King.

I am feeling very, very blessed.

* More about all that, later on when I'm feeling more narrative.

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