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Monday, August 30, 2010

Boston Improv Festival

The second annual Boston Improv Festival is taking place September 8th-12th at Improv Boston in Cambridge.

Stay tuned in a few days as I tell you my picks for what to see at the festival.
 For now, a shameless plug for myself since I am performing in three shows over the course of the weekend:

1. Three Hole Punch - Shannon Connolly, Liz Caradonna, Stephanie Jones, Amy Koske and I have been delighting audiences with our relationship based long form improv since we met in college. (Thursday 9p)

2. Hidden Falls - Directed by Steve Gilbane, Hidden Falls is a 40 minute fully improvised musical about life in a small town. The audience provides information about our town, and we'll discover the secrets and relationships behind closed doors, while singing about it! (Friday 9pm)

3. Improv Asylum Mainstage-  Improv Asylum Mainstage actors take your suggestions and turn them into   dreams (and scenes). (Sunday 8pm)


Lightweight said...


I think you should take a minute and click on the link you posted for Three Hole. You'll be surprised. Maybe even pleased.


MischMash said...

Hahahahaha! That was amazing. Gross. Ok, everyone. I removed that link because we are a really smart and sassy all female improv group.
Not genital warts.

bwhizzy said...

how did genital warts even end up on your blog? shouldnt it be FOUR hole punch... what about Fred? ( and if you dont get this think back to your 'Zillions' Magazine)

MischMash said...

The reason we are called THREE hole punch is something I can not explain outrightly to a younger, male, member of my family. All I can give you as a hint is: Check an anatomy book.