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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Weeks Without My ATM/Check Card...

Money Owed*:
- Ashley (lunch last Tuesday)
- Shannon (cash money for weekend festivities)
- Juimene (lunch on Cobb Salad Day)

Expenses I Would Normally Not Charge to my Credit Card:
- Monthly Bills
- Isolated orders for single small cups of ice coffee at Dunkin Donuts
- A vial of CVS Brand eye allergy relief solution.

How I Did Laundry Last Week:
- bought TP for house and asked roommate to pay me in cash.

Saddest Thing:
A homeless man** asked me if I had any money, and I said I didn't have any cash. And he asked if I would have cash on the way out of the store and I said no, and then explained that the bank still hasn't sent my ATM card to me and they are closed every day when I get home from work. I told him I'm actually really bent out of shape about it. He nodded but I bet he didn't believe me.

*If I missed you, do speak up please.
** Dear HR,  I am aware that given my position in the company I am not allowed to be giving out money to potential/former clients, but as this rule only really applies to homeless people in Boston and the Greater Metro Area I hope you will forgive the implication that HAD I had any money I could have given some to this man who was not in Boston when we met.

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