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Friday, September 10, 2010

Where is MischMash?

Honestly, everyone, the real reason I haven't been updating is because this game of Assassins just got so intense for the past week that I have been too busy to write.

How am I supposed to write when I need to be hiding in the backseat of old cars in the North End wearing a Boy George wig?

Last night in an epic show of brute strength my assassin assassinated me, in front of a crowd of seriously useless bystanders.

Some of my friends thanked my assassin because now they can go places with me this weekend without me acting delusional - pointing my water gun at bushes when exiting or entering a building, wearing disguises, obsessively checking over my shoulder at all time et cetera et cetera.

The minute I locked eyes with my assassin was one of the strangest moments of my life. And I do realize I am still talking about a made up game here. Still, for a week straight I had been imagining this person everywhere, and then THERE THEY WERE. I was expecting the moment to come, and it did and it felt like the moment when you're in a nightmare and you realize you're in the nightmare and you know what comes next and you can't stop it. I slapped this person after I got sprayed, that's how shocked I was.

Anyway. Back to my real grown up life now. Have I mentioned yet that I am the wound care nurse at work now? Just while our real wound care nurse is on leave. But still. Wound Care. It's one of my favorite things to do, and I get to dedicate eight hours of my time to it every Tuesday.

Time to put away my water gun and pick up my 35 cc syringe with 18 g needle attached.*

* I'm a better aim with the syringe anyway. Wound care jokes!

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