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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gorefest Opens Tonight!

Gorefest 8: Cirque de Slaughté, (the goriest little show on earth!) opens tonight at Improv Boston in Central Square, Cambridge, Ma.

Last night we had our first (and last) dress rehearsal with "full blood," and the feedback we got from our invited audience was "needs to be bloodier."

Anyone who has ever seen an installment of Gorefest knows that the show gets bloodier and bloodier as the run goes on, due in part to the actors' comfort level with running the effects as well as perfecting the pressure in the shooters and the amount of blood/pus/slime used. Still, Don and I have some tricks up our sleeves for increasing the amount of ooze starting TONIGHT. The Gorefest crew, headed once again this year by Lynn Wilcott will be going all out tonight to make sure you get your fill of splatter.

The show runs tonight through Sunday night at 8pm with 10pm shows on Friday and Saturday as well. Next week we have shows Wed-Sunday at 8pm with 10pm shows on Friday and Saturday again. Get your tickets online at and bring your creepy clown repellant.

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