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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free Public Flu Clinics

Boston Health Care for the Homeless will be holding 2 public flu clinics over the next two weeks.  These clinics are open to everyone including patients, staff, volunteers, shelter staff, and family and friends.

(That means you guys!!)

So on your lunch break come visit me at work, get a flu shot, and bring me some coffee.*

Wednesday, 11/10: 10am-7pm at JYP in the main lobby. (That's tomorrow!)

Tuesday, 11/16: 10am-7pm at JYP in the main lobby. (A week from today!)

Jean Yawkey Place (JYP), the home of BHCHP is located at 750 Albany Street, Boston MA

*Just kidding. Just bring a smile and your sweet supple deltoid ripe for the vaccinating.**
** Although if you wanted to bring me coffee I would never refuse it.

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