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Monday, November 8, 2010

Thinly Veiled Blog Plugging

My brother, who has not shown much interest in my life since he was 5 years old and thought my Easy Bake Oven was a garage for his Micro Machines, has reminded me that I have not been updating my blog.
And here I thought only my mother and the HR department at work* were reading this site.

I've been writing, but not publishing, actually. The reason?  I haven't been happy with the jumble of nursing, comedy, show promos, personal anecdotes and travel stories that make up the content of my blog.

I'm jealous of blogs with a theme like Rachel Braidman's true-life photos and stories, or Tex's aptly named Weird Nursing Tales. Then there's Carrie Drzik, who has a number of individual blogs including one of my favorites: Carrie Draws Daily. There you'll find her artwork, but you need to travel elsewhere for her music.

I dream of having several specialized blogs one day. But until then, this is where it all comes out.
 I guess that's what makes it a MischMash.

Gorefest is over, I'm starting production for a new mainstage revue at Improv Asylum, and I have a ton of things to say about the current political situation. I've been taking photos of leaves, and I want you to know what I think of my new Netflix account. I'm back. Hold onto your butts.**

* Dear HR, I am handing in my completed credentialing packet tomorrow by the way. Thanks for the deadline extension!
** Dear HR, that is a quote from Jurassic Park and not a threat against any real or imagined buttocks.

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