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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Writing with a capital W

As you could tell from yesterday's entry, I started keeping a separate blog for my more colorful/sentimental/personal writing.

Don't worry, 
Don't get excited, it won't feature nitty-gritty livejournal type anecdotes with intriguing titles like "Dreams of Horses," or "Finding Rain".*  I am likewise, not going to be journaling all my secrets into vague poems punctuated by declarations of my current  mood as represented by small animated penguins at the bottom of each entry. **

It's just a place to get back to writer's writing.

For the most part, entries are going to double-post onto MischMash so it doesn't really matter. 
But- if you'd like to subscribe directly to a blog that will be free of promotions for my shows, a blog simply rife with obscure adjectives and the wanton use of adverbs, then go ahead and add Misch'd Connection to your Google Reader, follow me on Blogger, or put it in your bookmark list.

I am far too busy to move all my old posts over to the new blog so if you're hankering to re-read something like my ruminations on leaving Japan, you can just search MischMash using the Google powered bar across the top.

Coming soon.. a blog where I just post things and don't explain how or why I'm posting them....

* Actual livejournal entries from freshman year of college. Yikes.
** The penguin is dancing! That means I'm excited!!

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