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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Job is Weirder Than Yours

This morning one of the nursing students approached me as I was settling in at the nurses station.

-"Hey - this morning I had a sandwich just like that."

-"It's good," I told him in between bites.

-"So I was eating the sandwich and I found a dead body."

-"You what? where?"

-"I was eating the exact same sandwich, Dunkin Donuts, sausage, egg and cheese -"

-" - this one has bacon."

-"Nice - but,- "

- "I hate frozen sausage patties."

- "Whatever. But as I was walking near ---------and I saw it, the paramedics were stepping away, they were done with him."

- "Oh. So it was attended."

- "Well yeah. But it was so cool because I knew I was a real nurse because I just kept eating my sandwich, you know?"

I stared at him. And finished my sandwich.

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