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Monday, April 18, 2011

My brother always asks me about my blog before he asks about my job.

My last blog entry is dated March 17th and that makes sense. The very next day my landlord began construction on my bathroom. Since I was staying with friends/ showering at the gym, I did not have a ton of time to update the blog. The renovations took a week, and after that I began using my days off to travel. I hit New York City, Tampa, Sarasota and Chicago all within the past couple of weeks. At a time when I should have been blogging MORE so I could share all the amazing things I've been doing, I scrapped public writing off the priority list altogether in favor of keeping a personal journal.

Je ne regrette rien. Seriously.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, marking the beginning of Holy Week. Alas, this too means writing may be scarce for the next few days as I try to spend some extra time in contemplation. But never fear, writing will once again be a priority as of next week as I shed my wool coat for a denim jacket and trade vanilla chai lattes for iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

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