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Monday, October 6, 2008

Day Off

Yesterday I worked a 16 hour shift, so today I slept in. I moved my bed more towards the window.
That means that when I do find myself in my bed, which is not often, I can breathe in and taste autumn and see the leaves red against a blue sky. It makes leaving the bed easier to do, like a promise of what I can have if I just move my bones a bit.

Mom came over and brought pumpkin muffins and chai, so I had an even better reason to get up today. Then we went for a walk around Jamaica Pond. It was so lovely out that life felt a bit like a movie. We saw fish jumping out of the water, and everywhere people were smiling and laughing.
My favorite part was that we just kept seeing turtles. And I do so much love turtles. You can find the rest of the pictures on my web album.

Then I went downtown for a meeting. I can not tell you the details of this meeting other than it confirmed completely that this might be my year after all. But I will not count my turtles before they hatch.

Then Steph came over and we teleconferenced with the others who are going on the trip to Tokyo. That was time consuming and boring.

Then, despite being exhausted I went out to watch the Sox game with Danny because he is only in town for one week. Sox won, I got cake and I am able to take a nap before work at 7am. Yay!

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liz said...

When do I get to hang out with your mom?