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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Caroline, Amy and I walked to WholeFoods after work and bought sushi, berries and some mango juice and then had a picnic on the grass near the Christian Science Center. I hadn't "hung around" there since high school, and said as much to my dining companions. I wonder if I would have recognized myself if I saw 25 year old me there when I was 15. I can certainly pick out the old me out of a crowd, but I don't know if it's as easy the other way around.

Boston, you sly artsy sneak.
You set up walls and walls between us for so long -
you knew it was the only way you'd have me back: just longing for your days like these.

Then we lined up and waited for Summer Shack to open so we could get mojitos before I had to leave for Goresfest rehearsal, but alas, I lost my license last night at The Field where I had gone with Bobby, Dana, Shannon, Sean and Michelle to watch the debate.

So no mojitos for me, but it was a fabulous way to let go of the day before going to rehearsal.


liz said...

15 year old me would have thought 25 year old me has FANTASTIC hair. 15 year old me and 15 year old you would probably not have known each other. 25 year old me and 25 year old you are gonna fuck up some bitches.

Misch said...

You have commented on all my posts and I love you! This is my fav you-post so far. I miss you so much.