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Monday, November 24, 2008

And then there was no saying no

I have now been an RN for over a year, and although I never thought I would, I love it. I only went into nursing school because of a family crisis. I stayed because I felt like I had to prove something. I figured I would graduate and use the degree as a back up plan.

But when I found this job at BHCHP everything changed. I began really embracing the field of nursing. The type of work I do fits perfectly. I am always happy to go to work. Not always happy to be awake on Saturday mornings, but never ever upset about where I have to be. (Of course I was always happy to go to Thacher as well.) But I began to really transition from nursing student to nurse in this job.

For that I can only thank the amazing nurses on staff who have taught me through example and anecdote what it means to really live the life of a nurse. A new part of my identity developed, a part I never expected.

I have also stayed part time at Thacher, mostly for seasonal projects. For example, directing the Adolescent Program's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. In the evenings I work on my own art and performances. And I feel like I have balanced out everything really well for myself.

I was recently offered a job at Thacher that would be part time nurse and part time drama teacher. And it shook up my entire world for about a week. After some prayer and some lengthy conversations with family and friends I decided to turn down the teaching job. It broke my heart, but felt right for right now. I had to admit that my needs have changed in a year, but also make peace with the idea that I can change my mind later and nothing is forever.

Plus... I have agreed to be their school nurse on the days I am already there directing. I smell a new adventure!

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