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Friday, November 21, 2008

I needed to finish the record, your honor.

The final day we had in Tokyo we got free bicycles and rode around the perimeter of the Imperial Palace. Then we took the train to the only place on our metro map in bold letters that we hadn't been to. Turned out to be the financial district. It was deserted and looked like the set of some Japanese zombie movie because there was no one there. Ok, there were some other people there. In fact, Dave got to practice one of the three Japanese phrases he knew as he scooped me up and began running, turning around to yell to a a passing couple : "I am a big strong man!"

After some more adventuring and exploring our last day in the city Casey took a nap and the rest of us dressed up as fancy as we could and had dinner at this street cart we had been planning to eat at the entire week. It was in honor of John's birthday. We all sat on little stools and ate different flavors of ramen with seaweed and talked about baseball in broken Japanese and English. It was the perfect ending to our trip and later we found out that Sunday was actually John's birthday.

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