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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Letter from Tokyo

John Herman, artist, writer and teacher as well as producer of Stranger Than Fiction, wrote an article for The Wire about our trip with Improv Boston to Tokyo and it came out this week. It's called 'letter from Tokyo,' and I am quoted in it, so you should check it out!


It's been a year since I took this job at BHCHP and my extended family continued to either not understand what I do, or not really like it much. But yesterday as I munched on leftovers with my mother she reported that some of them had read this Globe article a few weeks ago and they are all very happy and excited about it. Which made me very happy.


A co worker and I are in a heated ongoing discussion about whether or not Americans work too hard. She was born in France. What do you think? As always, comment, message or email

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