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Sunday, December 7, 2008

holding hands in the snow; this is what i thought of

It all began Friday evening. Friday was my first day off in a very long time. I had slept very well and probably brought myself up to the minimum level of rest needed for most humans. For someone having been so deprived for so long of adequate resting periods, I felt like I could probably fly or catch a bullet in my teeth.

Friday night I MC'd the 10pm Friday Night Face Off show, which was really fun. Bobby's notes indicated the same. Immediately afterwards Theresa and I ran over to the Phoenix Landing for Marcelo's 30th birthday party. After a couple of drinks, and some successful singing and dancing with friends, the amount of time I was spending dodging creeps outweighed the amount of fun I was having. (More on this later.) Theresa and I left, and caught a train to the North End.

We arrived in the North End right before last call so we slipped in Luca's. "Ahhhh!" Theresa breathed, "I am home again." We each ordered a drink, and proceeded to empty our hearts to one another. When we knew all each other's recent and most glamorous secrets and the bar lights began sliding up, we regrouped and walked the five steps to Improv Asylum for No Rest for the Wicked Funny, a 24 hour fund raiser for Globe Santa. Improv Boston Mainstage had joined IA on stage for a few hours, so we sat back and watched, and then I got up to do a few scenes with IA and Seriously Bent. Theresa got a ride home before I did, and I split a cab with
some IB folks. On the way back to Cambridge I made a split decision to sleep at Robert's, therefore making my morning commute easier.

As I curled up on the aptly nicknamed "Misch couch," in his room because it is about my length, I remembered to set my alarm, and then promptly fell asleep. When I woke up I was bombarded with texts and phone calls the sum of which was that no one else in our 11am "Family Show" slot could make it to IA. Robert called me a cab and the cab driver, a terrifying lady who cursed every other word and reminded me simultaneously of one of my patients and the playground Moms I encountered growing up in Boston, drove me to my car. I tipped her well for not killing me, changed into a different shirt and comfortable shoes at my car, did my hair in the bathroom at IB and then hopped on a train. As usual on trains I ran into Nate and we chatted about Asian culture until my stop.

I stayed and performed with IA as an NXT member, not as an outside rep, for a good six exhausting hours. It was really fun, and they raised way more money than they had even set out to do, so it felt very worthwhile to be a part of that. Kudos to the IA hardcore cast who stayed on stage for 24 hours straight!

I returned to Cambridge, retrieved my car and met Adam for dinner at Bukura in Jamaica Plain. After a leisurely and delicious dinner we drove back to Cambridge and saw the 8pm Mainstage Show. I thought I must have looked (and smelled) quite haggardly by then but Adam complimented me to the contrary. Still, when the show was over there was nothing I could think of as more appealing than a shower and my own bed.

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