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Friday, November 14, 2008

My world, it's so small I can touch every corner and so large there's no ceiling.

Yesterday I left my unit to go find a patient who needed a medication before lunch. I passed through the activity room on the second floor and walked in on some patients watching a video on Hep C. I paused to watch and quickly realized the narrator was an old friend of mine from Riverside Theaterworks in Boston. He is also the cantor at my church.


I saw this note on my fridge this morning. It was written on a meter reading receipt, with two carbons attached:

Hello Michelle and Liz. It's been a very long time. Kinda weird that I'm your oil guy. Whatsup? Come check out my band if you can next Friday Nov. 21, at the Cask n' Flagon. Our band's called Manakin Cicada. Check out our myspace.
- Jon the sixie.

Seriously, folks. Jon was a "sixie," or seventh grader at Boston Latin School. We kind of adopted him because we all took the 35 bus. You know, the reverse of what happened to us when we were sixies. (We used to get spit on and lit on fire). Now he's my oil guy.


My Mom came over today to look at photos from my trip and hear stories. She also brought a huge bag full of my favorite foods like cheesecake muffins and pasta. " I figured you hadn't had time to shop or cook yet." I told my Mom she's the only reason I didn't stay in Tokyo.

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