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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is the Real World Paging You Now

Second day back at work. Not much has changed. The hardest thing is that "Jeannete" is gone. They finally found her placement at a nursing home. It's strange to walk by her room and see a different patient in the bed. Before I left I said goodbye to her, because I knew this was in the works. I think it's for the best though a part of my heart hoped it would be put off. I told her she is my family. She said the same. When French is limited, sometimes the simple sentences are the most meaningful.


I am feeling a bit over committed right now, but all of my projects are good ones. I've decided to limit myself to 3 projects (in addition to my regular commitments like work and Friday Night Face Off), until after January. Here is the breakdown of what I am promising:

1. The Boundaries Awareness Video for BHCHP. Goal by end of January is to have finished most of the filming and begin editing in Feb.

2. Three Hole Punch had our first planning meeting for our Wednesday night Hump Show in January at Improv Boston. If we get all the things we talked about tonight you are in for a very cool and interactive theater experience. Goal is to have shot all sketches by early December. Show will run to the end of January.

3. I am directing A Midsummer Night's Dream at Thacher Montessori. The students are in the adolescent program which is ages 12-14. Goal is to have show go up at the end of January/ beginning of February, definitely before V-Day. The students just finished reading the play and I am busy editing the script into something more manageable for the time table we have.

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