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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I would like to make more time.

It's never a good thing when the admissions nurse brings your patient to the floor and then just starts laughing as she hands over the paperwork. And then laughs all through report. And ends report with, "good luck!" And then laughs more.

But I suppose it's better than some other things. Like ... if she was crying. Or... bleeding.


Instead of rehearsing without the practical half* of Three Hole Punch, Steph and I went to Andala and had a heart to heart. It was a long time coming and a perfect way to spend a cup of chai. Meanwhile, we overheard a group of middle aged war protesters griping about "people," and how "they just don't understand." It made me glad I didn't stick with my original major: Social Thought and Political Economy. I am all for making change happen, but hearing their circular conversation brought me back to way too many class discussions in the basement of the Butterfield Dorm. It's why I left in the first place.


As the new year draws closer I feel obligated to talk about The Past and The Future.
Without the self indulgent details that no one cares about besides my mother ( "This year I have a bigger room but I pay less rent!") I would at least like to announce that overall** 2008 Misch wins over 2007 Misch. By a long shot. It makes sense. This was a huge transition year for me so my learning curve was steeper than usual. Nick sat across from me at the Clear Conscience Cafe a few weeks ago and smiled. He said, "you're just getting exponentially better." For now, by the grace of God, he's right.

* This makes Steph and myself the flaky half if you couldn't guess that.
** We looked at five categories including job, romance, spiritual development, living situation and improv/comedy. Scores were rated 1-5.

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