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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today at church Father Charlie gave an amazing sermon. I'm going to share some of it.

Today is the Fest of the Epiphany. Known elsewhere in the world as "Three Kings Day." Fr. C is my favorite preacher with good reason. He spoke to us very frankly about the fact that the "Three Wise Men," that we sing about did not exist. They are part of what theologians call "True Myth." But we can neither throw the story away or be fooled into taking it at face value. The legend has a lesson : The magi did not find God on their own. God sought them first by sending a star.

Father Charlie went on to say that God comes to us every day. When we are open to it we can experience those moments as epiphanies. Any time we catch them, an epiphany. Seeing an old friend can be an epiphany. A birth, a wedding, a party. Maybe even in grieving, if we are open, we will find epiphanies.

However, he said, sometimes our lives can get so hectic that we don't realize all the different ways we're missing those moments of revelation and joy. It's possible to get so caught up, even in the good things in life, that we miss them somehow. Many of my friends who have gotten married say the same thing. They are so wound up in the planning that when the day comes, it's almost a let down. They missed the moment.

Father Charlie referenced this article from the Globe today that says city life might actually be changing our brains. Because the article touches on the idea that nature plays in the development of our minds, he then talked a bit about nature. The Native Americans, he pointed out, understood our need to communicate constantly with the Higher Power. They spoke to the Great Spirit in everything from rocks to trees to deer to people. And we need to take a page from their book. Because we're missing it.

I know my schedule is about to blow up. But somehow I need to take these moments. And make them mine. And make them mindful. And live those epiphanies. Because otherwise, what's the point?

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