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Saturday, January 3, 2009

All the single ladies, all the single ladies.

Tonight I was at a wedding, shaking my tail feathers such as they are, in the living room of my boss.

That's out of context.

My really great friend Dan whom I have known since high school got married tonight and it just so happens he is the one who got me the job I have now because his Mom is in charge of the part of the program I work for.

More on the wedding tomorrow, actually, because it's a wonderful story that needs its own post.

But on the dance floor a very well dressed lady approached me and asked if my dress was "Betsey Johnson." "I have no idea," I replied, "I bought this for about eight dollars at a thrift store."
I gamely gestured towards my back and she checked the tag. "Yep," she said, shifting her fur stole, "Betsey Johnson. Congratulations. That dress probably sold about $400 retail." My jaw dropped and she continued on a bit about how she can spot a Betsey Johnson a mile away since she follows her line. I googled it just now, and she was right.

And just to think I almost didn't buy it because I thought the mid section was too clingy.


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