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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hit the Ground Running, Don't look back.

Today marks the beginning of a thirteen day stretch of work. Needless to say, I am pouring myself another tall glass of water and chewing on a Mojo bar as we speak.

Today at work everyone watched the Inauguration. Some patients watched it in their beds. Some gathered in common areas. Some of the nurses or practitioners were able to get smooth enough video streaming on or Most of us however, went to the 2nd floor. The spectacles of the day were showing on the flat screen tv in the patient activity room as well as on a huge projector set up in the Atrium. Staff and patients gathered in both rooms to watch the events unfold.
I had the same meta- feelings I had when I was in Tokyo watching the election coverage. "This is what I'll remember," I kept thinking. I will remember a family of people, all of us together there together in our "living room." We are, just as Obama said of America itself, not related by race or religion or blood. Instead, we are related by a common cause. An ideal. A dream. We are related by the idea that everyone matters, everyone deserves a second chance, and most importantly, everyone deserves access to good health care. And we gathered today to hear from a man who promises that we can continue to pursue this dream of ours. I believe in the new administration, but more importantly I think, I look around every single day and see the people I work with and I believe in them. And they believe in me. And we do it every single day.

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