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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A quickie while you're away

1. I loved yesterday's post from It's Not a Lecture, but not for its political message.
Propaganda is propaganda even when it's "art" *. (And even when it's for "your" team.)
Political agendas aside, I loved the post because I love words so, so, so much and I love seeing them in varying colors and sizes and until now had never seen a word cloud generator. (I know. I am internet sheltered.) However, now I can't get enough of my new toy. Poems, blogs, AIM conversations. It's all in.
Songs by The Weakerthans work wonderfully well: "This is a Fire Door Never Leave Open.)"**
* By "art," here I of course am referring to a computer generated image of text input with a finite number of aesthetic manipulations left available to the program's user.
** Because The Weakerthans were so wordy in the album "Left and Leaving," I have only included the second half of "This is a Fire Door..." from the section, in my opinion, where it starts to really take off.

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